Gaeilge Beo

Tá an teanga beo inár seirbhísí, inár bpóstaeir agus ar fud na heaglaise. Agus, bhí na ceangail idir an teanga agus ár n-eaglais anseo ón tús.

The Irish language is alive in our services, our posters and all around the church. And, the ties between the language and our church have been here since the beginning.

We have so many connections to the language, for hundreds of years.

An Irish translation of the prayer book, Leabhar na nVrnaightheadh Comhchoidchiond (Dublin, 1608) was eventually made by William Daniel (Uilliam Ó Domhnaill) who had previously been Warden of the Collegiate Church, Galway, until 1602 when he returned to Dublin to prepare an Irish translation of the New Testament (1603), and then of the prayer book.

Under Queen Elizabeth, parts of the service were sometimes in Irish in the Collegiate church, despite the absence of an Irish prayer book: for the principal Sunday service in Galway, the sermon was occasionally in Irish, English, and Latin.

Warden Daniel used Irish extensively in Galway after he came in 1595, and it is very likely that his early drafts of the Irish prayer book had been made for services in the Collegiate church and later formed the basis of his Leabhar na nVrnaightheadh gComhchoidchiond. In a way, history was repeated when Gary Hastings, the previous rector of Galway, published Leabhar na hUrnaí Coitinne (Dublin, 2004), an Irish translation of the latest version of the Book of Common Prayer, which is occasionally used in services in the Collegiate church.

Many thanks to our parishioner Steven Ellis for writing about this important connection with Irish.

Gradam Gallimh Le Gaeilge

Bhí an bua linn! Go raibh maith agaibh!

We won an award for our use of Irish throughout St Nicholas.
Táimid bródúil as an éacht seo. Go raibh maith agat Gaillimh le gaeilge as ucht do thacaíocht ar fad.

Thank you to Galway for your support. We are so proud of this achievement.
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