St Nicholas Collegiate Church Galway


Welcome to The Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas, Galway; we are an Anglican/Episcopal Church, the only one in the City of Galway. Our Bishop is Bishop Patrick, The Bishop of Tuam, Achonry and Killala.

The Rector, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , is very ably assisted by Canon Maureen Ryan.

Archdeacon Gary   Hastings Canon Maureen  Ryan

The Church is a fine medieval building which we do hope you will come and visit. You will be assured of a very warm welcome. If you visit to enjoy the fine heritage building you will find much to attract and fascinate you. There are free guide sheets in many languages available. The Church is a place of tranquility in the midst of a busy city. Within the Church there is a Peace Chapel where prayers are said, often written down and candles to light. There is a quiet Meditation Chapel for privacy and thought. The chances are that you will meet one of the clergy or one of the members of our church who will help you whether you need a guide around the building or someone to talk with.

Should you be looking for a Service, we hope you will find a warm and welcoming church. You might wish to attach words like "liberal" or "inclusive" to us. Some in Ireland find our Sunday liturgy a little "high church" whilst others say we are somewhat to the "middle". If you are looking for "an evangelical church" then, though you will find us a very Bible based church, you might feel "evangelical" does not quite accurately capture what we are.

We have a fine choir with a rich Anglican tradition to the fore. You will no doubt be surprised just how many young families there are in the church and also how many people from all over the world. On an average Sunday at the 11am service you will probably find between 120 to 150 and this number can double quite easily.

We have many of the activities common to Anglican churches: a Sunday School, Mothers' Union, coffee after Services, and lots of special Services. In addition we hold Bible Studies, Ecumenical Lenten Study programmes and Interfaith Meetings. On somedays you can sense the smell of Orthodox Churches (Russian, Coptic, or the Mar Thoma Syrian Church) who use our Church. And on several occasions you will hear Pentecostal Africans worshipping.

Our many and varied social activities, from fund-raising to fun-having, are noted for their energy and cheer.

St Nicholas is a Church in which people in all their difference and with all their disparate itineraries come together. We welcome you very warmly.