Getting married in St Nicholas’? Then look no further for your music requirements!

St Nicholas’ is a popular venue for weddings. Many who would like to get married in the church may not be aware that it has its own resident music staff and choir. The organists of the church are also skilled arrangers and able to work within a variety of music styles. The parish choir has a range of classic choral repertoire perfectly suited to the wedding liturgy and the many places within it for reflective or uplifting music.

Thus St Nicholas’ is able to offer different options for wedding music, from organ only to organ plus full choir, with other options including soloist(s), instrumental arrangements, and so on. The music staff of the church are delighted to work with couples in choosing music that will suit the occasion. A full list of music suggestions (with audio clips) and a range of fees relating to the various options are available upon request.

If you are thinking of getting married in St Nicholas’, do make contact through to discuss your requirements. We would be delighted to hear from you!