St Nicholas Collegiate Church Galway

Conditions for hire

Conditions for holding concerts and recitals in St Nicholas' Collegiate Church

  1. All Performers must have their own Public Liability Insurance up to a value of €3million, a letter of Indemnity must be sent to the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it at least a week before the performance.
  2. The Recital/Concert organisers will indemnify the Parish for any loss or damage to the Church or its grounds for a recital/concert.
  3. St Nicholas’ is First and Formally A Place of Worship and all Performers are Particularly requested to conduct themselves with respect to those using the Church for Prayer. The Rector and Members of the Select Vestry deem such behaviour to be a serious breach of the conditions for the hire of the Church.
  4. In the Event that a Religious Service (Funeral) has suddenly to take place The Church will not be responsible for any losses incurred by the Organisers of the Concert etc. The Rector and  Select Vestry cannot guarantee any further dates as compensation.
  5. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it has been appointed by the Select Vestry as The Director for Church Events and all Communication should be directed to her. All Practice/Rehearsal times must be agreed in advance with Mrs Moore-Temple. The day to day supervising of events and monitoring of conduct in the Church by those holding events is under the authority of Mrs. Moore-Temple
  6. Any incidental costs over and above the normal running costs of the Church, eg. Piano hire, stage hire, lighting hire, etc. will be the responsibility of the organisers.
  7. The responsibility for the payment of royalties in connection with the Performing Right Society rests with the Promoter not the Church.
  8. Recital/Concert organisers are responsible for all publicity, advertising promotion of the event.
  9. A non refundable deposit of €200.00 must be paid at least a week in advance.
  10. Advertising and Promotional posters may be put up in the Church with the consent and approval of the Rector and Select Vestry.
  11. Admission Fees where charged must be approved at least a week in advance of Recital/Concert, by the Parish. Admission fees should generally only cover the cost of holding the Recital/Concert.
  12. In order to cover the cost of heating, Lighting, Cleaning and Caretaking where this is above and beyond the normal for a Recital/Concert, the parish reserve the right to seek a contribution of a minimum percentage of 10% of any entry charge.
  13. The Decision of the Rector and Members of The Select Vestry in regard to all matters will be accepted by the organisers.